The dance group, now known as Alaitsu, was founded in 1980s. Since then, dance classes for children have been organized every year without interruption.

Based on traditional Basque dance, the aim of our clases is to enjoy dancing and having a good time. These are the type of dances that are practiced:

  • Arin-arina
  • Fandango
  • San Joan dantza
  • Sorgindantza
  • Agurra
  • Other northern dances

Although traditional dances are practiced most of the time, other new dances are also performed for the special festivals held in the town. Our main goal is to unite citizens with our culture; We aim to introduce the Basque dance’s tradition to children in an attractive way.

Since the dance group was created, several different teachers have taken part on it. The 2013/14 academic year began with a significant innovation: for the very first time, a group of adults was also formed, giving diversity to the group. In recent years, our dance group has been healthy, with a total of 45 students.